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My name is Moshe.

I am a painter I paint with oils on canvas.
I only discovered painting at university. I studied at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts and design where I discovered that I love colors. I like the interactions between them. I also like the relationships that shapes have with each other. In every painting that I paint, I try to challenge myself and find something new. A new discovery, a new color, or just a new subject that I find fascinating. I call my paintings “abstract landscapes” because they almost always end up being landscape paintings. Some look more like landscapes than others. They are always a view into another world. In my painting practice, I use a base layer of acrylics and then come on top with the oil paint. I don't always have a plan or a blueprint for the painting I am working on, in fact, many times I start off the painting without knowing what will happen. I enjoy that. It adds a sense of adventure for me every time I enter the studio. I feel like I begin a new adventure with each painting. I hope to take the viewer on the adventure with me. Many times there is a spiritual element to my art. In that way, I am reminded of romantic painters such as Caspar David Friedrich. I hope my paintings inspire you as much as they inspire me.

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"Aldila" , M.A.D.S art gallery

Milan, Italy 


"Take Me Home", Jerusalem Biennale



"Beyond a Place", artist art cube studios

(סדנאות האמנים)Talpiot, Jerusalem

“Expiry Date” Group exhibition

Michal’s House, Israel

Exhibited at The Other Art Fair

Los Angeles

Exhibited in the Graduate Exhibition

Bezalel Academy of FineArts, Jerusalem, Israel





Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

UNSW Art and Design

Sydney, Australia 

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